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The Privacy Rules have changed! We are prepared to assist dealers with compliance requirements of the new FTC Privacy Rules through the use of a web based on-line audio-visual Worksheet. Information provided by dealers on this Worksheet will permit ADR staff to personalize the FTC Model Privacy Notice.

To access the worksheet(s), please contact ADRM (800-364-8833 or info@buyadr.com) to set up your Dealership access number or click here to learn more (insert link to Start the Worksheet Page here)
Click here to learn more!
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Welcome to Automotive Dealers Resource of Michigan tm, better known as ADR of Michigan tm (AEC, Inc.) Our parent company ADR International (was formed to more effectively consolidate the automotive forms and specialty items. Operating on an international basis permits our customers to benefit from our prompt and efficient service. ADR does not offer legal advice. We serve as a source for dealer supplies and forms and ship regularly to points all across the country. Service is our only business and your success keeps us in business.